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Unique Wedding Favors


I really think weddings are beautiful, no matter what the venue, color scheme, or theme. There are so many elements that can make the wedding the most perfect dream for any bride and groom, and in most cases it can even be done on any budget. However, most people don't put a lot of thought into unique wedding favors, going for the traditional Jordan almonds or a small piece of jewelry.

Yes, these are wonderful and they will thank the wedding party, but they aren't unique. They don't give the guests that special feeling. There are some easy ways to make any wedding gifts more unique and stay within budget.

Personalize them
I know that everyone loves something that is personalized. It makes them feel more special because they know they were there. For a small wedding party, consider making a personalized gift for each person. There are chocolate bars, coasters and even lip balms available that can be personalized with the wedding information, as well as their name.

Keep in mind that most personalized items are meant to say the bride and groom's information, including first names and date of the wedding. However, I think for a more modern wedding, it would be all right to add the name of the bridesmaid or maid of honor. This will make each gift slightly more expensive, but it can still be kept within any budget.

Personalizing a gift can also make a regular gift more special. Giving a box of mints with the wedding party's first name on it will be more meaningful than a plain box of mints.

Lottery tickets
Now, I just think this is one of the greatest gifts ever. They are fairly inexpensive, but the guest has the potential to win some extra cash. Who wouldn't want a little extra money?

There are many beautiful bookmarks out there, from wood to beads. If a lot of people in the wedding party enjoy reading, this can be a meaningful gift to thank those in the wedding.

Cookie Cutters
This is such a fun way to show thanks. For an even more personalized gift, I like to include a favorite cookie recipe.

Everyone needs to jot something down once in a while. A great idea would be to have notepads made that fit the theme of the wedding.

Manicure sets
Every woman wants their nails to be shapely and beautiful. I am always on the look-out for a new manicure set, especially one that is compact so I can take it on the go.

Unique wedding favors don't have to be expensive or hard to find. With just a little thought, it is possible to find something that fits the wedding theme and colors that any wedding party would love to receive.



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